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Original Equipment Manufacturer “OEM”

From customers "Can we manufacture such products? Kyonan Seiki will shape customers' thoughts.We accept the voice saying We propose new products and manufacturing consignment.

Production process

Kyonan Seiki's OEM has the design and development technology of electronics, optics and mechanics cultivated with a banknote recognition machine and precision assembly and inspection technology backed by the manufacturing experience since its founding. In addition, we have accumulated know-how in currency and card business through product development for end users. In order to make full use of these technologies and know-how, we will proactively develop not only our own product development and manufacture but also OEM supply. We will make optimum proposals at all times according to customer's needs at any request.

Achievements / Cases

Prepaid card checkout machine and so on.
From hospital-related customers "I wish I could settle the cards I did not use" I felt the necessity from the request of this small word, and it led to development and production. Even with a small need, Kyonan Seiki wishes to respond as long as someone certainly feels the necessity there. The lightness of footwork that makes such a small turn is also a feature of Kyonan Seiki.

Electronics Manufacturing Service “EMS”

In the process of EMS,

① Cases involving mass production design,
② Cases involving mass production prototypes,

There are two kinds of cases.

Production process

Achievements / Cases

Pick up tickets at the station. Kyonan Seiki will support accurate and speedy ticketing operations. Magnetic tickets, IC cards and magnetic prepaid cards can be processed, the ticket office department offers multi-functional composite ticketing machines capable of issuing all types of tickets such as Edmonson tickets, large tickets, etc. from the railway related equipment manufacturer to the EMS business We undertake as one, we provide parts with high quality up to the finished product level by undergoing parts manufacture, assembly and adjustment tests. Kyonan Seiki has traditionally been good at designing, developing and manufacturing in areas such as hotel, hospital and amusement industry. Today, challenge to new fields and industry that is different from conventional one has begun. Over the years from prototype production, we are working together with our customers to improve, we manufacture and attach to each customer with attachment to each one. It is the spirit of Kyonan Seiki that does not compromise on the current situation aiming for improvement from the present situation.

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